Where do I find credentials for X12 partner set up?

I am trying to set up a new X 12 Partner under Administration -> Practice but where do I get the credentials to fill in the required fields? Office ally does not supply any of the documentation I need except for the “receiver ID”

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Thank you, Stephen! I will be trying this out

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Hey stephen, I made a x12 partner to test in my openemr website; how can i test to see if it works?

hi @topnoch, prob easiest to send 1 live claim to office ally and see if it’s accepted

I have been calling office ally for weeks now and they keep telling me they no longer provide this service(x12 partnership) @stephenwaite ; do you know if the x 12 is still being utilized present day

hi @topnoch, you probably just want to enroll your practice with them so you can send claims.

Thanks for the feedback! We enrolled already but are trying to avoid billing solely from their website and hopefully have an integrated solution ; i.e. using office ally as the clearing house but billing through OpenEMR. I thought this was done through the X12 partner but Office Ally says they no longer support this. DO you know if it is possible to use Office Ally as a clearing house through Open EMR?

sure, you’re all set to go once you enter their info as an x12 partner