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Where do I find credentials for X12 partner set up?

I am trying to set up a new X 12 Partner under Administration -> Practice but where do I get the credentials to fill in the required fields? Office ally does not supply any of the documentation I need except for the “receiver ID”

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Thank you, Stephen! I will be trying this out

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Hey stephen, I made a x12 partner to test in my openemr website; how can i test to see if it works?

hi @topnoch, prob easiest to send 1 live claim to office ally and see if it’s accepted

I have been calling office ally for weeks now and they keep telling me they no longer provide this service(x12 partnership) @stephenwaite ; do you know if the x 12 is still being utilized present day

hi @topnoch, you probably just want to enroll your practice with them so you can send claims.