Where Can i download opensource ICD 10,HCPCS, SNOMED CT, DSM V, LOINC, CDT, CVX and Import them into openemr


(Mithai Run) #1

Hello Openemr Community and i’m new here

We Just installed openemr 5.0.2 and we are trying to load latest data of ICD 10,HCPCS, SNOMED CT, DSM V, LOINC, CDT, CVX

Can someone please provide me the details.

(Stephen Waite) #2

hi @xdeveloper1985, to get started take a look at Admin->Other->External Dataloads

(Mithai Run) #3

@stephenwaite Thanks for pointing to External Dataloads.

There i didn’t find some of code types like HCPCS, DSM V etc.

How to add these options to openemr and Where can i download Valid authorized codes like icd 10 from cms.gov.

( htuck@mi-squared.com) #4

The DSM codes and the CPT codes are proprietary so one would have to purchase the codesets. But don’t bother because OpenEMR doesn’t support importing them, or the complete HCPCS codesets either.

The most frequently used of those codes can be selected and included in the codes available to put on the fee sheet by (manually) adding them to the system then assigning them to what are called ‘custom service categories’, as instructed in the wiki tutorial linked below. The process is only slightly complex and once you understand what is being done it is quite straightforward.


What you’re doing is manually adding any arbitrary codes- CPT, DSM, HCPCS or even in-house custom codes- to the list of codes available in the fee sheet. When the provider documents the activities of the encounter in the fee sheet s/he can select the desired code and it will insert onto the fee sheet the code itself, its description, its fee, any modifiers, etc.

Using custom service codes, any codeset of any sort, that a practice wants to appear in billing and/ or clinical documentation may be added to the EMR.

( htuck@mi-squared.com) #5

ICD 10 codes are one of the codesets downloaded and installed by the External Data Load module. Instructions are included there.

(Mithai Run) #6

@stephenwaite @htuck I can successfully installed ICD 10 codes (2020-ICD-10-CM-Codes.zip and 2020-ICD-10-PCS-Order.zip) into our system.

I want to install ICD 9 codes also. At External data loads>ICD 9 showing ICD-9-CM-v32-master-descriptions.zip. Is this the latest ICD 9 codes?

How can i install GEM files( I want the relation or conversion between icd 9 and icd 10)

Please suggest.

(Stephen Waite) #7

yes, ICD9 hasn’t come out in a while

you’d have to go back a few years and find the last gems and then redo the icd10 import which might be tricky

(Mithai Run) #8

@stephenwaite Thanks for the reply.

Can i use this ICD-9-CM-v32-master-descriptions.zip as latest ICD 9 code source?

So i need to truncate icd10_dx_order_code and icd10_pcs_order_code tables and
Can i follow these steps for installing GEM files Upgrade icd10 code set

please suggest.

(Stephen Waite) #9

sure, sounds fine @xdeveloper1985