What is the product workflow?

Is there a product work flow diagram and documentation ? For e.g how to add a new patient and consequent next action.

Hello @heshani -
Welcome to the community! And to the forum- this is the place to get answers.

A lot of information about the operation of OpenEMR may be found in the OpenEMR wiki at:

At the bottom of every wiki page is a search text box into which you can enter terms that you hope to find on a wiki page.

One result of how OpenEMR is developed is that in many cases older documentation, for example some of the items below written for version 4.x, will be completely applicable to OpenEMR 7.1. Just remember when reading older docs to look on the EMR screen for the control objects- links, buttons, text areas etc- that are being discussed. They may be rearranged on the newer interface but they will be present, unless their function has been upgraded.

As far as a normal workflow for OpenEMR these pages are good starting places:

‘Getting Started’ is a multi-page wiki entry that has most of what you need to get started with a new OpenEMR; adding new patients is in the 4th page.



If you will be billing insurance this is good information:

Be sure to come back to this forum and ask any questions that may occur to you. This is where all the OpenEMR developers hang out and they love to explain their work!

Best regards- Harley

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