What is the intended purpose of the pflag?

Does anyone know the purpose of the pflag?
It is incorporated around the codebase but there is nothing that I have found that sets it to true.

Added in 2010 by ViCare and prevents new patient creation link display, but I can’t find where it gets set to true either.

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I realize it is an OR function in the patient finder. So, if the flag is set or if the ACL is set then show the link. It does not prevent anything that I can find. We are trying to reconstitute a feature that has been lost in v7x. That is why I am asking. Here is the feature restored with a slight improvement. Before it would replace the calendar tab. We have it to open a new tab and keep the calendar tab open.

<!--VicarePlus :: If pflag is set the new patient create link will not be displayed -->
<a class="noresult" href='find_patient_popup.php?res=noresult'
    if (isset($_GET['pflag']) || (!AclMain::aclCheckCore('patients', 'demo', '', array('write','addonly')))) {
        ?> style="display: none;"
    ?>  >

It was added but never used. I think it is mainly meant for clendar patient popup.
It’s the same as not having a patient write ACL.