What is CQM_Valueset how to work with this

intially downloaded the CQM_Valueset and place that into contrib/cqm_valueset directory …

After Administartoin | External Data Loads installing these cqm_valueset ,
where these codes exactly reflect how to check…

Moreover these cqm valuset are codes or else what ? where we are using and how to add these to the patient …


hi @shankar, the data is loaded in the valueset table. This is for clinical quality reporting, https://ecqi.healthit.gov/content/value-sets

I need to load this db so:

  1. I have the API KEY at the NLM,
  2. I get xml format of CQM_Valueset called ec_eh_oqr_cms_20220505.xml.zip et I put it in cqm_valueset

But does not work even.

Thank you.

try this file instead,
since we’re looking for

Thank you for relplay M. Stephen

after load the xml db, I have an error message telling: UNSUPPORTED database load file. I rename it but

the same error persists.
For snomed and RxNorm I have this message
Installed Release
Revision: Standard
Release Date: 2022-11-07

But also I have another (the same for snomed)
The installed version and the staged files are the same.
Follow these instructions for installing or upgrading the following database: RXNORM

Nice day.

sorry the 2022 release is what you’ll have to use ep_ec_eh_cms_20210506.xml.zip instead since the 2023 file will have to be added with something like this INSERT INTO supported_external_dataloads (load_type, load_source, load_release_date, load_filename, load_checksum) VALUES ( 'CQM_VALUESET', 'NIH_VSAC', '2022-05-05', 'ec_only_cms_20220505.xml.zip', '285f0771ead7bf4d7b48f63ba47cf953');

Hi Stephen and thank you

this URL https://ecqi.healthit.gov/content/value-sets dont work at all