What does this button do?

In the picture the text in the red square is clickable.

We hoped it would do something specific but instead it just clears out all the form fields in the “invoice details” section. And doesn’t save anything.

So what is this button supposed to do? Maybe we are just using it wrong.

Weeeellll, not that it doesn’t do anything, just nothing visible.
I’m pretty sure it makes note of the levels of posting that the claim has completed, or is ‘done with’. See the line of radio buttons to its left, ‘Now posting to’ Ins1, Ins2, Ins3, Patient.

It looks like a new mod on the old method of tracking claim posting. Used to be the progression was automatic from those ‘Ins’ → Patient but it was easy to get out of synch and post to the wrong level. Looks like you now can make note of the levels that have been completed so next time those will not be used.
If it ends up I’m wrong please correct me!
Thx- HT

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@htuck That makes sense. I’ll pass that on to the billers so they’ll know. Thanks.

“Save Level” will also advance the claim in the billing manager to the selected level. The link is a shortcut that can be used instead of assigning an adjustment reason for each code, then saving. We use it most often for out-of-network remits without payment.


@snailwell thanks v much for the good info!

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