Weno will be launching EPCS services for OpenEMR

Weno was just approved for EPCS.
We are now working on the interface and API connections.
In the meantime, coming in 5.0.2 will have better drug data that will contain over 20k formularies.
The search will include the prescription dosage and method of taking the drug.

We have enhanced the user experience with better alerts and trouble solutions. There has been a new DDI alert added to the drug interface that can assist in catching issues. Hopefully, in the future, we can add DAI.

The EPCS costs will be $35/provider and a $250 setup fee.

We hope to roll this service out in the next 90 days.

Juggernaut Systems Express
formally known as Open Med Practice

Hi Sherwin,
I’ve been following your projects upgrade on git, great work and thanks.
Quick question: Will we still provide the free version for those not needing narcotics and/or MU?

Yes, there will be a division between the free and those that need / want to transmit narcotics.
I have to wait till Weno rolls out their API’s before I can say what the division is going to look like. But the narcotics will and an additional confirmation page which will land them on the Weno server for validation or credentials per the DEA. I will keep as much as I can on the client side as possible.

The server-side transformation is going well. Bit by bit making improvements to the process.