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WENO fails to transmit

WENO was working wonderfully, beautifully, and easily until it suddenly stopped working a while ago (beginning of year?) - just now getting to investigate. Error/fail to load receivingrx.php then error on confirm.php. Just keeps spinning. Still using OpenEMR 5.0.1(6). At first I thought it was because Walgreens bought RiteAid but it is happening with all attempts to send to any pharmacy.

It is undergoing major changes…

hi @APerez, but thought @juggernautsei had kept it going through the transition

@Michael_Farina, the module is going through major renovations but the people at Weno has pulled the plug on the old interface before ratifying the new one. It is my fault for not getting this done early last year. Apologies for the inconvenience. I wish I could tell you when the new code would be out but I can share with you that it will only work in 5.0.2. We did not make it backwards compatible.

If you would still like to prescribe outside of the interface, please contact me and I will give you instructions on how.

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oh that’s for the aswers. been having a similar issue as the original poster and couldn’t understand what’s wrong.
thanks Sherwin Gaddis for your help. i may contact you about that. thanks

New regulations were put in place this year and a new standard was released late last year. Please see the wiki for more information. The new code is available for those techie enough to do the update now versus waiting on the next patch.

This service is no longer free. =(
None ECPS is $8/mo to use the embedded interface module.

thanks for the link. i didn’t know it.
have you got a subscription? worth the money? any other advices you may share? deep thanks

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just wanted to bump the thread, if you are still here to answer… i am still interested if the service is worth the money. or i better get some salads for the money? i understand that’s not too much, but i still don’t want to pay for something not very useful.

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I also want to know if this new paid subscription has improved from last year version. Will this include electronically send to pharmacies? In the past, the pharmacy received a fax prescription from WENO. The pharmacy then registered itself with WENO to receive the prescription electronically in the future.

Many of the pharmacies in my area did not want to register to WENO, and refused to fill the FAX prescriptions. We found out about this when patients called and complaint that the pharmacies did not receive our prescription from WENO. We had to call the pharmcies directly to confirm if they received the prescriptions. To solve this problem, I ended up sent the prescriptions by OpenEMR (WENO), and also printed hard copies to give to patients (just in case the pharmacies did not fill the prescriptions by WENO). By doing the extra work, it was so inconvenient, and that really defeat the purpose of electronic prescription.

Also, will the new subscription allows narcotic medications to be sent electronically?

If the subscription solves these issues, I think it will be a big help, and I will be very happy to subscribe.

Thank you.