Weno EZ Integration, pharmacy import script

In this script to import Weno pharmacies into openemr it has a fileroot request from contrib folder to a file that is supposed to be deleted from the same folder for security?

Is there any other script for updating pharmacy lists including the daily update required by weno in any of openemr folders other than the one above?

Hello @Mohammad
The dev Sherwin Gaddis AKA @juggernautsei has been the primary source for weno matters. I heard from him several weeks ago that weno is no longer supported in OpenEMR, so that may affect your ability to complete your project. You might want to check with him for details.
Good luck!

Harley, the rumor is no longer true.

However, Weno no longer provides the pharmacies that way.
I am still in the process of trying to figure out how to utilize the csv file that Weno provides. In their documentation.

I have a user up and running on the new code in this repo. There is another group. @kkappiah working on this project also.

Here is my repo.

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The last I heard from Tina ( Weno ) she is working with team from openemr to get the proper integration, I really hope openemr does not drop this option, we need to support smaller businesses when it comes to compete with bigger established ones, Weno solves the issue of pharmacies rejecting their electronic scripts by offering them the option of attached faxed ( I think , I could be wrong with the format) one if they choose so and the regulations are on the side of Weno. User can baby sit the solution at the beginning by checking with the pharmacies not participating if the faxed script is there, once trust is established it should be smooth operation, I find the interface from their site is very practical as a physician hoping the new release in April will address it.

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I can now attest to the operation of the current status of the Weno eRx feature in the codebase. It does work out of the box. Register for EZ integration at https://online.wenoexchange.com/.
Pharmacies will for now have to be manually entered into the pharmacy section until the auto population is done by @kkappiah . If he is working on it.


What should I do to integrate this in my installation, any guidance, do I copy codes and paste them , what are the steps?

@Mohammad, I would suggest that you wait on @kkappiah and his team to finish their certification work with Weno. They are planning to release an official version. Right now in order to use the code that is in the system and go live on Weno. You would have to go through their certification process yourself.
Maybe one day soon they will release a certified feature into the codebase.