Web Hook for Appointment Slots

Hi @all, I want to capture the provider available appointment slots while create in calendar views, as I can get the PatientCreatedEvent web hook for Patient_Data, but unfortunately I could not find the web hook for appointments, address_book, so, I want to achieve it through custom_module, is anyone came across this kind of requirements / situation, if it so, can you please brief me how to get this done. As I am running Mirth Connect instance with http listener endpoint, my requirement is that whenever there is any create / update for appointment slots it should send the data payload to mirth http endpoint and parsing will be taken care by the mirth engine.

So, I just want to know how to create the web hook for required application modules like appointment, addressbook etc.

I know this is not as simple as that, but I just want to know the overview or kind of skeleton. Thanks in advance.

Look at the AppointmentSetEvent. You can see how its used in the add_edit_event.php page.

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