Want to add new tab under admin section


Actually I am new to openemr and I want to add the new tab under the admin section like organization and it will have the list and create option in it like facilities under admin.

So please help me regarding this.

Thanks in advance

Hello @Arjun_Singh welcome to the OpenEMR community!

It appears that what you want to do is to modify the menu structure of your OpenEMR instance.
I am not a dev so can’t give a specific answer but maybe some more capable forum reader will contribute their expertise.

Until then you could read through the OpenEMR wiki and see if what has been published there is of any use. Here are a couple pages that might get you started or suggest other searches:
Go to the bottom of any wiki page and type in your search term in the search tool.

Perhaps it might be more rewarding if you search this forum for posts from other community members who have already asked the same question. This search returns over 50 results:

Note: you will see posts about modifying the ‘left side menu’. This refers to the layout of the pre- v5 OpenEMR which had the main menu down the left edge of the screen instead of along the top as it is now. I do not know if those posts would be helpful.

Good luck!
Best- Harley

Hi Arjun - i don’t know if the following will help - it’s something i’ve done to set up custom menus for our users.

this following is a reply that i sent in the topic entitled ‘Create new navbar menu for custom role’

The menus are defined in .json files. You’ll find examples in interface/main/tabs/menu, as well as the folder mentioned below for custom menus

you can place custom menus in the folder sites/default/documents/custom_menus.

you can then specify the menu that a particular user should use, from the ones in the custom_menus folder, by going to admin/users, clicking on the user you are setting up, and looking in ‘main menu role’ for your custom menu.

you can also set up menus for the patient menu role, by putting those in sites/default/documents/custom_menus/patient_menus

To set up a new menu bar copy one of the existing menus and adjust to your needs.

as htuck has said, there is some documentation at Role Based Menus - OpenEMR Project Wiki

@Arjun_Singh The above process is what I am trying to do, and my problem is resolved. So you can try the above feature if you don’t understand the process, then reply with the mail so that I can guide you here to create a new menu and a new tab as per your requirements.

@Rakesh yes please guide me step by step.
this is my email address: arjunsinghbsr011@gmail.com.

thank you so much @Rakesh .

@Arjun_Singh Please follow the above steps that are provided by @ruth . Every step is there.