Vitals..Where do I add them

I think vitals is missing from my instance. I looked in new encounter and do not see it. I created a physician role and it’s not present. Any suggestions?

If you open the openemr 6.1 demo

Search for a patient who has an Encounter or you can create an Encounter.

Open the encounter and you will see Vitals under the Clinical Menu.

Click on Vitals and the Vitals form comes up.

Hope this helps.

Unless you are saying that you do not see Vitals under the Clinical menu. In that case maybe you can clear the cache in your browser and open openemr again.

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My view is different than yours. Maybe it has to do with the way I installed it? I used AWS lightsail.

See below…

Sorry. I don’t know how to paste images here.

Hi Erik, you have to create an encounter and open it, then click on Clinical.

See if this works for you.

Thank you trying to assist. Something is wrong with my copy. I created a 45 sec video to show the error. Maybe I need to try to install it again in Ubuntu.

Go to your Administration → Clinic → Facilities and edit your facility. Hit the Billing Facility slider to toggle your facility as a billing facility. The encounter fails to save because you didn’t set a billing facility. Once you’ve created an encounter you’ll be able to add vitals for that encounter.

The screenshots are a little out of date but you can get more information here about setting up your facility: Setting Up Your Clinic - OpenEMR Project Wiki

BTW great job on the video. That was extremely helpful in figuring out what was going wrong with your installation!

Stephen and Leonard,

Thank you so much! I appreciate the help :slight_smile: