Vitals Form Not Available - No show for new visit

I got a problem.
Old visit shows Vital information ok.
New Visit has no option to load form for new Vital information.
Openemr 6.1.
No errror messages, shows actual visit information , but no option to add Vitals.

There is any option or setting I have to change in order to enter new Vital for every new visit ?

Thank you

Hello @Jose_Jabe - welcome back to the forum!
It’s hard to tell from your description what you’re seeing-- could you include a screenshot?

This picture below is from the OpenEMR v6.0.0 (4) demo.
When you create a new encounter you then add clinical forms to it from the menu at the top center of the encounter form (oval).

When vitals have been added they will appear in the encounter form (rectangle lower left). Typically only one set of vitals is put in an encounter but it isn’t unusual to enter more than one. So if you want to add another set you may by selecting it from the ‘Clinical’ menu (arrow) and entering the data into the form.

Do let me know if I didn’t understand what you are asking.
Best- Harley

Hi… YEs, I was using VITALS in previous version with no problem…but after I uprade to 6.1… then VITALS shows just BLANK… the first part of the screen and buttons Administrator and Clinical are there… but down it’s just blank… I created the New Encounter, areas filled and then Vitals…but showed nothing… I just remover and reinstall OPENEMR, apply the 6.1… then VITALS came back… I dont know what was wrong but now it’s working again and making backups twice a day…

Thanx for your help.

well, glad to hear it’s working for you again, even if you don’t know what fixed it!
Best- Harley

The problem came again…
Check shootscreen

As you can see, the rest of the form is not there… this is happening since las update to 6.1

Sorry @Jose_Jabe I’m all out of ideas.
Good luck- HT

hi @Jose_Jabe, you could look in the browser console for any errors and also check the php error log.

For another patient the VITALS screen is there… but with this, VITALS form is not there,.

I stumbled across this post while looking for something else. I know the last response was a number of month ago be we had a very similar problem to this in oemr 7. I hope the OP has solved their problem by now but if anyone else encounters this, this might help.

@Jose_Jabe we had a situation where the vitals would show up on some patients but not on others after we upgraded from v5 to v7.

In our case the problem was that some of the old vitals records in the database contained 3 digits for the persons height. It looked like simple typos like 60in was entered in as 660 or 600. We had to manually go into the database and change the height records for these patients then the vitals started showing up.