Vitals Form Malfunctioning in version 7.0

There are issues with the vitals form. Some fields do not post to DB (e.g Temperature, weight and height), the BMI intelligence system does not work.

I’m using OpenEMR version 7.0 Patch 1

I’m using: Chrome

I’m using: Win 10

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Hello @techednig
What does not work, and how does it malfunction?
Please post a description of the steps you take and and screenshots of what you see when you attempt to enter vital signs.
Best- Harley

I was initially running openemr 6.0, on the version, the vitals form works correctly. Then updated to version 7.0, thats where the vitals problem started, then i updated to 7.0 patch 1, but the problem persisted. These are the two issues listed below:

Fist, when entering new vitals for a patient, the form does not convert automatically between Kg-lbs, Celsius - Fahrenheit, etc as it used to in version 6.0

Secondly, after entering temperature, when you open the patient dashboard, at the bottom where it shows latest vitals collected, some of the entries you made into vitals form does not appear e.g temperature

Can you reproduce on one of the 3 open-emr demos running 7.0 patch 1?

I have issues with Vitals as well.

From the demo, when you add weight and height BMI automatically. On my side, unfortunately, it does not happen and when you save the vital signs, all the vital signs appear on the encounter form except weight and height. If you go back to edit, weight and height are missing, but other vital signs will be there.

Openemr V7 on Ubuntu 22.04


hi @Peter_Maro , did you install patch 1?

Not yet, still on v7.0.0

I have installed patch 1 but I am still unable to save Weight and Height. Everything else is saving.

Please post what settings you are using for your Globals → Locale settings.

Here it is

I still haven’t found a solution. Has anyone else found one yet?

hi @Kheshwar_Parsan , can you reproduce the issue on one of the 3 demos running patch 1?

I was unable to replicate the error on the demos.
However i did notice when entering weight and height, if i enter lb it converts to kg and vice versa automatically.
My install does not do that.
What can I be missing?

ok, what are you using for a server?

I’m running it on xampp version 7.4.28
PHP version 7.4.28
Windows 10

I can’t test on Windows but if you can check that the patch completed successfully by viewing the Misc Billing Options form, you should see the below Void Claim:


I see the Void Claim button. See screenshot:

Are there any logs I can check?

sure, the php error log, and you can try the debugging console in the browser

I see the following error in the console.
The php error log doesn’t show anything.

ok, nice, what’s the url to the login page?