Visit Forms with image capture and literallycanvas

I’ve gotten Image capture with iPad, Andriod, Windows all setup for taking a patient image in visit and putting it as the background for the LBV using canvas for drawing on. With that I am having issues getting the larger form to print properly. Is it possible to have the image canvas print in 50% width with a content block to the right of it somehow that I’m missing?

The layout is fragile. Unless you get there by trial and error, you will probably need to look at the (CSS etc.) code.

Thanks @Ralf_Lukner. I was looking at making a custom sheet to adjust it in the GUI for display and print separated so that it makes it easier to do multiple layouts.

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Just an update for everyone if your using several large image canvas elements in a single LBF. You will have to increase the memory limit for the print creation on ‘save and print’ option as well as increase the time allowed for the job.