Visit Forms with image capture and literallycanvas

(Jeremiah Ocasio) #1

I’ve gotten Image capture with iPad, Andriod, Windows all setup for taking a patient image in visit and putting it as the background for the LBV using canvas for drawing on. With that I am having issues getting the larger form to print properly. Is it possible to have the image canvas print in 50% width with a content block to the right of it somehow that I’m missing?

(Ralf Lukner MD PhD) #2

The layout is fragile. Unless you get there by trial and error, you will probably need to look at the (CSS etc.) code.

(Jeremiah Ocasio) #3

Thanks @Ralf_Lukner. I was looking at making a custom sheet to adjust it in the GUI for display and print separated so that it makes it easier to do multiple layouts.