Very slow loading of patient list

Hi folks,
After upgrade to 6.00 I have problems with patient search function where loading time of patient list exceeds more than 40 seconds. Previous version 5.0.2 works fine .
I made php.ini settings as recomemnded of course. i have no idea how to solve it .

My system runs on Debian Buster, Apache, PHP 7.3 , Maria DB.

Thank you fro your help.


hi @Tomas_Vilhelm, did you clear the browser cache to ensure you’re running a clean 6.0.o dynamic finder script ?

Yes, I have clear it , but no changes at all.

Hi @Tomas_Vilhelm,
Please check your Globals and logging. Turn off all logging and see if the patients load faster. Also, how many patients are in your system?

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Hi friend,
thank you . You are right . It is solution .

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