VCU HealthHacks 2019

Hello all! My name is David Vu, a pharmacist and engineer for a health IT company. I have been working with Brady and Robert on a hackathon sponsorship.

OpenEMR will be a sponsor at the upcoming Virginia Commonwealth University Hackathon “VCU HealthHacks”. We are able to submit challenge pitches for this event focusing on “Pharmaceutical Innovations”. The HealthHacks challenges for 2019 will explore creating new methods, devices and tools that could potentially revolutionize patient care.

In previous hackathons, we have proposed an open-source, 3D-printed vital signs machine, capable of capturing blood pressure and heart rate, and a smart pill dispensing box.

What tech do you think OpenEMR should pitch this time? Here is more information and criteria.

Post your ideas here!


Here is the working document.

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