V6 Documentation wish list

Hi @sjpadgett thanks for the update, will get that into the docs ASAP!
Well, actually that seems to me to go in the general docs of the new portal, which are in gestation at

Best- Harley

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OMGoodness, development is way fast and I don’t know how to keep track.

Hmm, I am running a strictly paperless telemedicine practice. I am having issues getting patients to figure out the portal. For example, they send the documents unsigned, and they forget to submit for review. This causes me to have to spend a lot of precious time messaging back and forth with the patients.

Is it possible to just do as the New York State Worker’s Compensation portal does? When the patient saves the form, ask the patient if they are ready to “submit for review”? Subsequently, if they are, write out a disclaimer stating that submitting for review means their consent to add the signature to the bottom of the document and then add the signature automatically? Which would cause the following upon the patient agreement:

*check the sig to see if patient has already created it, if not then take patient to the app to create their sig,
*if already created, then add it to the document.

that way, I can get patient forms, when the patient is done with the form, and that are already signed.


PD: Let me know, and I will move this request to the developers wish list section
I have created this thread:

Patient self registration in my case cause there to be multiple accounts for the same patient.
It is not easy for my patient population to use technology. So they struggle a bit.
This caused me to have to merge multiple patient accounts, I had to turn the feature off.


I know I am a bit behind.
I promise I will catch up. Remember, I am not a programmer. Although I wish I was. I think I missed my calling :frowning:

You are da best!

Hi Sandra,
All fair and valid requests. You’re right that the documents are/can be confusing and we need to find a better way to get to review.

Best bet is to open a feature request in issues. This way we get reminded on a timed basis the request is pending. I will take serious note of your issue.

Meantime, a couple things you could do:

  • Add more detailed instructions specific for your patient population in the help.tpl. On entering portal, this help is the landing page.
  • Instead of a graphic signature, add a radio/check with disclaimer to form templates that by selecting, patient is acknowledging it as their electronic signature.(Just as legal where a graphic signature is a façade to make patient feel better and is the same as an electronic signature acknowledgement)
  • In Help instructions you can note patient doesn’t need to save form first and can immediately send for review.(I need to rename that to maybe submit to clinic or such)
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Dup check should catch and if they’re still able to reregister well, your patients seem to be more clever than you’re giving them credit.:slight_smile:

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No, it is possible that I am missing things in my setup. I don’t know how to use all the features of OpenEMR yet. For example, too much info is showing up in the “Profile Demographics” page. This field for example:

User Defined:	ORT=4 Depression=3

I have to go back to this form and remove this field. If I recall correctly there is an on/off button right?

Awesome recommendations. Yes, I definitely don’t know how to use all the great features. Do we have a wiki page on “Setting up the patient portal”? (NVM, I am seeing what we have in the wiki now)

thanks again

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So, going into the demographic layout form and setting this field to be excluded from the portal is not working. Hmm.

I am going to administration>forms>layouts>demographics and selecting “exclude from portal” under the options column. What am I doing wrong?

Hi @gutiersa - yes, SJP mentioned elsewhere that you can get into the demographics layout in the EMR (Administration/ Forms/ Layouts) and add an option for that datum to exclude it from the portal. This method keeps it displayed and usable in the EMR demographics screen.
Pretty cool, huh?

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Yes, I definitely love working with OpenEMR. It is pretty cool.

But it is not working for me this time. Dunno why. It works in other forms though, let me upload some images.
Actually, let me start another thread. This is not really part of the wish list. I mean, it is and it isn’t

If you don’t want patient to see items from Demographics then use:

You may need to get patched up. I’m unsure when I fixed to exclude in the:

I know worked since 5.0.2 for profile edit.

I am using version 6

I created a new thread also:

this is my setup:
I am using OpenEMR version 6.0.0 in a FEMP stack:
FreeBSD 12.2
Nginx 1.20.0
Mysql 8.0.25
PHP 7.4.20

I wonder if it’s my table. Is there a way for me to compare my table? Before my upgrade, I was running 5.2 though!

@gutiersa - I was amazed to find how little up to date documentation there is on the portal. The newest description of the whole thing is that initial section on the page ‘patient portal’, which talks about OEMR 5.0.
So I set myself to write one for OEMR v6.0+, which will draw heavily on the forum posts SJP has contributed about all the updates that have been made.

Seems to me that those things you’re looking at doing- editing the help.tpl, the workaround for the e-sig, etc- are probably very common concerns and would make good add-on docs to a primary portal doc. You ought to keep notes on how you accomplish them and write them up for the wiki!

Yes, this is exactly my plan, to write a tutorial. However, I realize I should probably be writing it as I figure it out. Eventually I will forget which were my initial challenges once I figure out openemr.
It is just a slow process for me, and there are not enough hours in the day.
The development is just way fast!

Beautiful job on this wiki page:


I modified it by adding a few links to this paragraph, at the end.

“* Note: In order for the patient to be emailed their portal login credentials an email address needs to be set in Administration->Globals->Notifications->‘Patient Reminder Sender Email’ (not pictured) and the SMTP server needs to be set up. See instructions for that elsewhere. (Sms and Email Notification Howtos, Administration Globals for example.)”

Do we have any other setting-up-SMTP tutorials? If so, kindly point them out. I will happily add them as a link. If the tutorials are outdated, then also let me know. I will create a new page for version 6 and with your help I will update it. I am currently working on setting up my own email which is not working.


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Is there going to be new user guide for 6.0.1? Seems unlikely to me, so might be more accurate to rename it “OpenEMR 6.0 Users Guide”, and preferably “OpenEMR 6.0 User Guide”.

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How about “Submit to your provider” or “Submit Form”

Also, once the forms have been submitted and I have added them to the patient chart, in the documents, the patient can no longer modify them, correct?

Yes they’re locked but can still be download, printed or viewed.

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