Patient portal: streamlining new patient forms

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I am running a strictly paperless telemedicine practice. I am having issues getting patients to figure out the portal. For example, they send the documents unsigned, and they forget to submit for review. This causes me to have to spend a lot of precious time messaging back and forth with the patients.

Is it possible to just do as the New York State Worker’s Compensation portal does? When the patient saves the form, ask the patient if they are ready to “submit for review”? Subsequently, if they are, write out a disclaimer stating that submitting for review means their consent to add the signature to the bottom of the document and then add the signature automatically? Which would cause the following upon the patient clicking “Yes”:

*check the sig to see if the patient has already created it, if not then take the patient to the app to create their sig,
*if already created, then add it to the document.

that way, I can get patient forms, when the patient is done with the forms, and that are already signed.