V6 Documentation wish list

If you just need access to the user interface then you can use one of the online demos that are built/refreshed everyday.

The latest I’m seeing is version 6, I’m not sure if it has the new two patches.


duh, of course, I wasn’t thinking. Great idea.

Thanks again

If you wanted to take on the recording, maybe I could try doing some post-processing editing. I’ve been meaning to learn to DaVinci resolve. There’s a Google drive folder Robert and I were using to collaborate on instructional videos. I’ll see if I can find the link and invite you.

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I use Kazaam on Linux to do my screen recording.

Hi Harley,

Thanks for clear, well written documentation!!

I just went to the demo to see how your docs corresponded to the portal, and discovered the portal demo default is set to only support existing users. (No new registrations.)

I signed in to the ‘b’ demo as an admin, went to Globals-portal
and changed “Patient Portal Site Address” to https://demo.openemr.io/b/openemr/portal
and checked the box allowing self registration (see below)
And now the ‘Register’ button appears, and the process works!!! (until it resets)

the documentation is clear and useful.
I think you should add a link in the documentation to your comment about customizing the Portal form. Better, insert a comment about that technique to change the patient registration form.

The patient registration form itself IMO needs some changes, both for UI and what/how information is gathered.

I’ll open a new thread about my thoughts on changes to the registration form, & refer back to this thread.
Bottom line- goood work!!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
Clear documentation makes it easier to find problems in the underlying process!!

OOPs!! there’s no outgoing email server attached to the demo, so when I tried to save the user account, I got an error, and now when I try to log in with that email, instead of getting the usual ‘enter email reset password’ routine, I’m unhelpfully told to contact the provider.

For the low volumes needed for the demos, is the any reason not to use a free email like OpenEMRbbb@Gmail.com?
I can sign up for it, but someone with power over the demos would need to connect it.

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Hi @VWfeature-
Thanks for the feedback, it’s good to hear.
That page was based on a doc I did for a customer for them to give to their patients so they could self register. Consequently I stuck to the registration process and didn’t get into any of the other aspects of the portal such as portal customization.
As it happens I’m currently working on a V6+ portal overview which brings together all the capabilities of the portal, including customization etc.

As far as the outgoing email is concerned, I’d think one could follow the instructions elsewhere on activating email notifications in globals, then this thread talks about how to use gmail’s smtp server.

Good luck!

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I think that was a bug that was fixed in the first or second patch for version 6. I think the demo might be running 6.0.0.

Useful, clear writing is a precious thing!!
Good documentation is like diamonds.

Hard. Clear.
Thanks for posting the link to your previous post on how to use gmail for testing.

If I had wiki editing permissions, I would add your comments about adding email and mine re enabling the patient portal to the demo Wiki pages.

Another thought on the WIKI- having the ‘Last Edited DATE’ or VERSION in the title would save us reading through obsolete documentation for ‘how to do it’ from 2011. There’s a long article on a WordPress patient portal that’s no longer working.

For Wiki experts-Is it possible to put that info in the title afterwards with some automated process??

Having instructions on the demo links page how to make the demos fully functional (enable portal, add email,etc.) would give people a better idea of how OpenEMR works.

If I add an email account to the demo account, should I change the demo admin password so the email pwd is secure (but no one else can do admin play on that demo)?
A note on the DEMO page about ‘how to play nicely’ w demos and ‘what it means if passwords don’t work’ could be useful.

Most of the documentation is in these forums, not the wiki.
@ Rachel Ellison
FWIW, the demos are running
Version Number: v6.0.0 (1) But I believe the issues w not allowing patient registration thru the portal are related to not having the portal enabled in the demo, and not having email sending configured.

hi @VWfeature, the footer has that info.

the admin password on the demos is checked and reset to pass every 5 minutes

production demos are running the latest patch, 6.0.0(2) currently, plus any commits after that on the rel-600 branch

I have a minute before I get really busy again with ONC so I plan to do some work on portal starting with some improvements to registration which seems far more popular than I expected.(may even work on my run on sentences habit I’ve acquired!)

Now’d be the time to offer up suggestions for any portal improvements.

Hi @VWfeature You’re v complimentry in your imagery! Lucky you haven’t seen ALL my writing it’d lower your high opinion.

It’s easy to get a wiki editor account; the instructions are on the bottom of most of the wiki pages- just above @stephenwaite 's screenshot

As far as adding the date to the title, that’s a good concept but I think a modified version of your other idea is more useful: edit the link that displays on the page (not the page title) to include the OpenEMR version number(s) it applies to. When you familiarize yourself with the mediawiki syntax you’ll see how to do that.

Which leads to another couple considerations about editing others’ work. If you add actual content to others’ work please keep in mind things like, what’s the focus of the piece? What is the audience? If you add something that is not useful to the intended reader it can be distracting and confusing. For example, system config info in a piece intended for a nurse… And also, I think it’s a good idea to clearly identify yourself as the author of your piece of content, to track both responsibility and credit for authorship.

To the rest of your questions I would just say, ‘knock yourself out!’ I have no kind of authority to grant permissions to do anything, and this is a FOSS project. If contributors do anything that contravenes the core rules of the project the project leadership does contact them.

Good luck-

This is from the third demo. ‘b’ I think.
‘About’ --the program claims to be running 6.0.0(1)
Or is that one of the things that’s not updated in the patches?

I am only an egg.

oh gotcha, these below on the main page should be updated

thank you

Oh, I would love it if patients are able to update their medication list

Yes, could not agree with you more. Hence, my attempts at updating the wiki.

Easiest way is to just create a template similar to insurance for now.

btw: perhaps companion it with a prescription request form.

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If someone adds this before we go through ONC certification I need to know in order to accommodate it via FHIR.

When patient templated documents are populated in portal, they go to a review process in Portal Dashboard. In this case user will have to use normal data entry process to add to chart thus, the required entries for API’s…

I think I just found a tiny portal bug.
When I go to the patient portal on the Demo, Chrome tries to autofill the username/pwd fields.
If I hit the “Register” without deleting those, it throws an error, instead of just ignoring them and going to ‘New Registration.’

Thanks for your work on the ONC stuff!!
(even though it’s not relevant to me --I’m not insurance based, no MCR/MCD–it is to many others.)

I believe that is a chrome bug because I believe I set a parameter for browser to ignore autofill in those forms however, I’ll look into once in portal code. Also, check your chrome version to see how old the chrome engine is…

Mhm, if we hit ‘Register’, shouldn’t the form logic just ignore any entries in the username/pwd fields?
Can the form logic ignore such?

Nearly up to date! Relaunch Google Chrome to finish updating. Incognito windows won’t reopen.

Version 92.0.4515.107 (Official Build) (64-bit)