Using PDF templates

(R Magauran) #1

Has anyone developed a way to auto-populate PDF forms for OpenEMR?
I have done this in other projects years ago but I can’t get the fields out of the newer PDF versions. Any hints?

(Henry Alvarez) #2

Hi Ray,
I think you mean by the above that it would be great to give the patients a fillable PDF that would then be used to automatically transfer the info into OpenEMR. If that’s what your saying, I agree that that would be great! If your able to find a way to do this please pass it on.

Thank you,


(R Magauran) #3

Those features would be nice also. Some of that is now implemented in the Portal - instead of PDFs they are web based forms for insurance et al.

I was thinking about the standard PDF forms our office must fill out and deliver: pre-authorization request forms, state report forms, etc. Most of these now have fillable fields. Fairly easy if you know the PDF fields and what DB field to fill them with:

I was thinking more generically: “Create a new encounter-based PDF_Form”.

  • Name the Form (eg. Pre-Op Authorization Form)
  • upload the PDF–>display
  • fillable fields listed on right
  • DB fields on left
  • match 'em up.
  • attach photos/test/doc
  • Send/Print/Email

Kinda like the letter templates feature but for PDFs, using an sql query builder/engine - similar to the Clinical Reminders “custom sql” feature.

(Jerry P) #4

Hi Guys,
I just brought that feature into OpenEMR and will be in first v502 patch.
It runs from demographics patient documents and html or text templates are imported in portal dashboard for now. see: Adding Patient Portal Document Templates to OpenEMR Patient Documents

You can go nuts with templates if using html. I did this feature to grow it and have intention of adding to encounters where i’ve already added signature data types to LBF for getting signatures from patients.

It’s a start anyway.
Oh, filled templates end up as pdf’s
Oh Oh:) I can easily add an image tag/keyword to add images to document.