Using JS framework with OpenEMR backend

Is it possible to use JS Frameworks with openEMR backend to build user inferface?


Many people have done this. Without more details you’re unlikely to get good information to guide you.

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@kristof ,
It is possible. We have done something similar.

Alot will depend on what your frontend will be doing.

You will need a thorough understanding of the capabilities of the FHIR and standard API’s in OpenEMR in order to determine if you really want to do this. If you’re able to post what your frontend will be doing in great detail in this chat, members of the community will be able to provide you with the needed guidelines.

@kristof I have developed react js as front end for the two client and one client we had changed openemr UI into bootstrap. We had developed required standard api into OpenEMR for every client to complete the client requirement.

It’s called a module for better future support by client.