Users restriction clinic wise in openemr

Hi, can anyone help me with user restriction with respect to clinic wise in the latest version of openEMR(5.0.2)?

detail about the current scenario that we facing the issue.
Currently, openemr User restrictions with respect to each user role i.e physician, receptionist, doctor, patient

Even we are not going to use the doctor/patient portal but right now for appointment scheduling/creating patients we use the receptionist portal.

  1. So currently if we assign one particular facility to the receptionist, then the receptionist can able to see on portal i.e on dashboard or calendar page with providers(doctor’s) list of that facility.
    but receptionists can able to view all patients list whether they belonging to same or another facility as a receptionist. (receptionist portal >patient/clients >patients)

  2. if receptionist do edit for patient profile then also one option comes as choices where the receptionist can assign provider/doctor to patient, even that dropdown option shows all doctors list belonging to same or other facilities as the receptionist. (receptionist portal >patient/clients > click any patient >edit choices)

  3. if the receptionist does an appointment schedule for the patient then also options come to choose Facility/Provider with all list that is currently in the system.(receptionist portal >patient/clients > click any patient >add appointments > provider/facility)

also some research said that you have to create different databases for the different clinic but right now we don’t prefer that.
so basically we need to hide users/patients/facility/providers to the receptionist with respect to facility assign to him/her.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @TEJAL
The filters you describe do not come standard in OpenEMR. As you say, not only is a receptionist given full access to the entire patient list of all the facilities in an organization, but OpenEMR has no default mechanism to assign a patient to a specific facility.
I am a customer service rep with mi-squared, we are one of the OpenEMR certified support vendors. I have checked with our developers about the filter requirements you have described and am told that we do have a module which can be modified fairly easily to filter user’s view of the patient list by the user’s facility.
If you would consider contracting with us for this work please contact us at and we can discuss your needs for this project more fully.
Thank you very much- Harley Tuck

I made a file that limits doctors to see his own patients, instead of all of them. Maybe that can be useful for you, or we can modify it to your purposes.

Thanks for reply .
Sure it will be helpful for us.
Let me know brief details.

Thanks for reply.
sure. we will connect with you for further briefs ones we get the requirement details.

Hello. The module costs U$D 79… Will that be ok?


ok no problem.
I will discuss with my team and let you know might be they will asked demo first for the same.

umm, I’m unsure but isn’t the See Auth in User meant to do this? Also, can’t this be done by setting up ACL. Now i’m curious!:slight_smile:

@sergiors do you have any screen shots or demo site to see the filter you offer in action?

Hi @All,

I have implemented the above filter by provider name and I have given that filter in patient demographic once provider login he only going to see his/her patient only

You can check my site at , user Experta with password Experta can only see the patients that have Experta assigned as Insurance. User user33 with pass user33 can see the whole bunch of 22 patients.

Can your module separate via facility? that way only the provider and his staff can see the patients assigned to the facility? I need to separate it that way and have global admins be able to see all the facilities and patients for billing. So we have a client that is a group that only wants to see their patients for HIPAA purposes and it doesnt matter if there is redundancy. But they use one billing department to bill for all of their patients. So one place for the billers to see all of the patients and bill.

hi @Eric_Muniz, maybe the best way to handle this would be to extend an existing mechanism since @sergiors doesn’t want to contribute his code back to the community.

I can make the changes you suggest. Contact me to discuss the details.