User / Provider

When I open a new blank LBF form I get the provider dropdown on the top. Problem is that whoever the user is can change the provider for this form. I would prefer to have the provider name in the actually LBF form but the User table is not an option on the list when building the forms. Where is this form with this dropdown located in files? Can you make it automatically select the user?

I don’t think currently the provider persists with the form save, does it?

hmmm. You mean its not added to any table? Looks like no. can I hide that dropdown?

There’s a reason it’s there that I don’t know about. I never understood its use so I guess I’ll have to research.

Thanks so much. I know it doesn’t do anything but my manager keeps complaining that it is confusing.

I guess it’s a way to change user in the form besides logged in user(for tracking edits user) but while it is saved to the LBF form, it doesn’t repopulate on edit!! Only God knows why. Still it needs to remain so, one fix so your manager is less confused and you get a raise would be:

  • Go to: interface/forms/LBF/new.php L-850
  • make line look like:
echo FeeSheetHtml::genProviderSelect('form_provider_id', '-- ' . xl("Please Select") . ' --', ($form_provider_id ?? $_SESSION['authUserID']));

This will at least populate to current user for ya…

Thanks Jerry! You are Awesome!

Awww Shucks! he says while digging big toe in the sand…
you’re welcome.

@sjpadgett on the visit form is there a way to fill in the field with the user instead of a dropdown box?