User, Provider, Referring Provider

(Nielsen Pereira) #1

Hi Fellows,
As I see now, all three are treated as the “same person”. In my situation, I have no problem with User and Provider be the same.
But the Referring Provider, must be complete different ones, it has to be like a “Referring Physician” .
I have succesfully Add a New Provider in the Address Book option, as a External Provider in Type, but when I try to Add a new patient, int the option Choice - Referring Provider (drop down menu) the one I’ve added didn’t appear!
Can anyone help me? Thanks a lot. Nielsen

(R Magauran) #2

That list requires something in the npi field to show up I believe. We have the special case where a patient has a PCP, and an optometrist refers them for a surgical consultation. Optoms have NPIs so no problem. Sometimes patients are referred by a friend/patient. You would have to add the referer into the address book (as you did) and remove the restriction for NPI required in the sql file building the select list. You can see an example of this in the Eye Form: top banner right column.

(Nielsen Pereira) #3

Hello Magaurun,
That’s worked!! By the way, what is NPI?
One more question, is that possible to import a list of theese Referring Provider, I have thousands and thousand to Add!
Thanks a lot!

(Stephen Waite) #4

you’d have to import import new records into the users table, openemr/database.sql at 6cf58036a3eea3aaede3cfffc6e79110d6f1b402 · openemr/openemr · GitHub, no need to fill the regular user fields like username password, just add id, name, and npi

(R Magauran) #5

NPI is a US term for National Provider Identification. If you are IN healthcare as a provider/institution/medical group etc, you’ll have an NPI. So it’s not for doctors only but it is also not for patients…

(Nielsen Pereira) #6

Thank you Stephen, that will help a lot!!

(Nielsen Pereira) #7

Hi Magauran, it’s a bit confusing! If NPI is not for doctors, why it’s required when I add a new Referring Provider in Address Book? How can add one without it?

(Stephen Waite) #8

NPI is for doctors in the US and is required on claims for insurance, but it’s good pt @Nielsen, there should be a global option to disable for non-US settings which removes the requirement for an NPI for referrers

(R Magauran) #9

Opposite: required for doctors/providers. Without it they do not show up on provider list. To show non providers in a similar list, you have to go into the code to remove the NPI requirement…

(Nielsen Pereira) #10

Stephen, so, what do you suggest when I import my “Referring Provider” records into the table (as you’ve suggested)? “Create” an NPI for all of them?

(Nielsen Pereira) #11

Ok. I will try that after impoting my records. Thanks!!