User Audit to check file deletion

We somehow had a patient deleted and although I can restore a backup I was wondering how I can check the audit log. I have audit logs enabled but don’t see anything in the table. Help!

I know this is an obvious question. But did you check the log table in the database?

there’s also Administration->Other->Logs which gives a pretty good UI that’s searchable for that table

Yes, thanks. I don’t see anything in the logs.

I removed the fields from the Layout. I see that they are no longer in the table patient_data. I am not sure what to do. Those fields were not needed. Not sure how this would affect the table linking?

Whenever I try to look at this — my computer freezes?

I looked at the log table in the database and it is very confusing. I looked for event delete and category delete. I don’t see anything but we have had 2 patients deleted in the last month. I redid the permissions so this couldn’t happen again. I noticed in the log file that all of the patient_id fields are null. Is that correct?

hi @tjbarr, what OpenEMR version?

it’s a grind for the db engine to get through this big table
sometimes it’s good to make a copy of the table and archive it and then truncate it

I am using sql but am confused as to how to search the table. I asked for event = ‘delete’ for a date range and it gives me 4675 files but none of them are what I am looking for.

In logs why are the patient_id fields null?


Not everything is recorded in the log table. Only certain things. What are you trying to find that may have been deleted? Also, why not just use the log interface rather than querying the database directly.

Everytime I try to use the log gui my computer freezes.


goes through a long wait and then says file not found?