User Access Modifications

Hi, I am trying to customize user control access on the EMR. I am the main administrator. I would like to set up front desk staff and billers to be able to check in/out patients including modifying patient demographics etc, add new insurance companies (Admin-Practice Settings-Insurance companies), and to the address book. Currently I am yet to figure out how to allow them to have access to all of these tasks without also granting them admin status (which I obviously dont want to). Please advise. Thanks

Hi @gizmodoc
OpenEMR has two main ways of controlling users’ access to its features that are within reach of an admin- privileged user; in other words, no coding required. Here are some relevant wiki pages to check out. You can search on any topic in the wiki using the search tool at the bottom of every wiki page.

The ACL editing feature directly grants or denies any specific role’s access to the EMR’s feature.
Here’s a page that talks in more detaill than is necessary, about the process of granting/ denying access permissions.

This page is a listing of the ACLs at time of writing; not sure if any have been added since:

The user’s ACL role will determine what menu items appear to them when they log into the EMR. But you have another method called the ‘Role- Based Menu’ feature which can be configured to restrict any ACL’s default access even further.

Good luck!

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