USA User survey: How many practices use OpenEMR? How paid? What are your needs?

Here’s a link to a Google docs survey.
You can see the results as soon as you do the survey, and this will be shared back here.
Wikipedia says there are 5000 US OpenEMR users! My guess is more like 300 practitioners in the US.
But let’s find out for real!!

My feeling is if we band together to support development, OpenEMR will be stronger and save us TIME, the most expensive item in a medical office.

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Hi, just pinned this topic for a couple of weeks. Thanks for putting this together @VWfeature.

Why is it relevant how many there are in this one specific country?

Because the US has specific and bizarre requirements!!
How many users need them, what are they willing to pay for them are relevant questions.

In any case, I’ve only gotten two responses so far one from US, one from Ghana- both say their providers take as much time with charts as with patients, both say they need better documentation, and that and saving provider time is worth paying for.

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@VWfeature Would you be willing to share the results of this survey? I’m curious to learn more about OpenEMR users!


I tried to fill out the survey. But I’m just IT and can’t answer to the money questions. So it wouldn’t let me submit the form. But you can add 4 providers to your tally. That’s how many we have.

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