Uploading Initial Database

I have been trying to upload data from my previous EMR. To date I have been successful in uploading patient demographics, insurance company info (address, contact info etc), and referring physician info into the address book.

One issue that Ive encountered is linking a patient to their insurance company. Im able to link insurance info such as Plan ID and Group number but Im unable to link to the actual Insurance Company eg. Blue Cross Blue Shield.

From my understanding Patients are linked to other tables by use of a pid. Insurance plans are linked to patients by that same pid. What is the mapping that links an insurance_company to a patient’s insurance plan?

Thank you!!

hi @gizmodoc , it’s the insurance_data table that links people to their insurance company.

So I have filled out the insurance_data table with all of the columns of data available and I am able to generate personalized Group ID’s and Member ID’s in the patient information. But I am unable to get the Insurance Plan name to show up in the demographics.

Here on the superbill the patient name, DOB, address show up. But for some reason its saying that the insurance name is missing.

In the insurance_data table is it the “ID” column that links to insurance_companies or is another column?

How does the system connect the “provider” column in the insurance_data to the other tables?

Check if the Insurance Companies are present in insurance_companies table.

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Yes. They have all been input into the insurance_companies table.

From the insurance_data table I have data in the provider, plan_name, policy_number, and group_number columns. Currently policy_number, and group_number show in the patients demographics (as seen above) but it is still missing the provider, plan_name. I’m unsure as to why.

Looking for the link between the “provider” or “plan_name” column in the insurance_data to the other tables


In the insurance_data table there are 3 lines for each patient (primary, secondary, tertiary). The pid column in this table matches the pid column in the patient_data table.

The provider column in the insurance_data table matches to the id column in the insurance_companies table.

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Hi @gizmodoc
I am not a dev, but I did used to code back in the day, and I had an idea that might be relevant to your situation.

You keep saying that you put this or that data in a table, which sounds to me as if you are manually entering the data in the table with a database management tool. Is that the case?

Because OpenEMR has routines that are employed when entering billing and practice and other information via the user interface. They put the data where it needs to go in the database and links it to whatever other data needs to be linked. If you’re manually entering the individual data components I can imagine it’d be easy to miss places the data needs to be stored or linked.

Perhaps instead of trying to reverse engineer the process as you are doing, you might learn the manual method then go look in the code of the different modules that are employed and simply read what they do and where they put the data?

Just saying…
Best of luck- Harley

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