Upgrading ver 4.1.2 to 7

Has anyone before upgraded from version 4.1.2 to 7? Is there a way to keep databases and layouts in the process?

I don’t think it’s a good idea to update directly. I think you should update version by version starting with 4.2.0 and at each update see if the data is correct. Here you can download the previous versions:



Yeah, I’m not a dev but I do know it wouldn’t upgrade directly anyway because serious changes were made to the database around, I believe, version 5? I’ve heard of people exporting the data and LBFs from the older version then re-importing them into a fresh install of the newer OpenEMR, and I’m sure the forum has many posts on how it’s done.
Good luck!

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Thanks a lot! So far I made 6 upgrades from 4.1.1 to ver 5.0 and databases, layouts, users, etc kept and unnaffected. Besides this… since original XAMPP - OpenEMR bundle was from version 4.1.1, should I also upgrade XAMPP for any of the upgrades I am doing or is there no problem by keeping the old XAMPP from ver 4.1.1 OpenEMR bundle? Best regards.

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Huh, don’t know how this says I marked the issue solved! Because it is not; lots more should be said.

I stopped installing my own instances of OpenEMR when they discontinued the linux .deb file installer! :slight_smile:
But I do know that as it evolves, OpenEMR changes its requirements in the supporting software (xampp, php, MySQL, etc), and those have to evolve with it.

Also, upgrade scripts do not always work just out of the box, and a host of other factors complicate the upgrade process over the number of versions you’re trying to jump.

Since you are progressing up through the versions, this page will give you the required software, workflows and settings for each version:

Good luck!

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