Upgrading from 501 to 610: Time Estimate and UUID questions

I am currently working on an upgrade going from 501 to 610, with approximately 14k+ patients and 52.7k+ encounters. Doing the upgrade it took almost 45 minutes just to add the uuid to the patient_data table. I’ve had several issues with the script stopping, then I’m forced to refresh the page to get it working again.

When I did the upgrade I did it directly from 501. Should I have went from 501 to 502, then from 502 to 600, 600 to 601?

Any advice on how to cut the amount of time on the upgrade?

Abount uuid’s. I have custom tables. Shold custom tables have a uuid column? Will I have to modify the upgrade script to add uuids to some of the custom tables?

If you are using AWS marketplace instances I suggest you backup your system and upgrade your system locally, those EC2 instances are very underpowered and will take a longer time not to mention end up being more expensive to do the computing needed to update.

These are local machines. No AWS.

hi @growlingflea ,

Check out this thread:
Upgrading from v4.2.2 to v6.0.0 10% per hours

Ensure that you update your 6.0.0 package with patch 1 before you run the upgrade, which should markedly increase the speed (it places indexes on the uuid columns before adding them).

Should be ok to go straight from 501 to 600

Do not need to add uuid’s to custom tables.

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Thanks, Brady. This makes sense!!