Upgraded V5 to V6, but Visit Categories not showing up for clinicians

I recently upgraded from V5 to V6, but our clinicians are running into problems when trying to create a new encounter. They don’t see the existing encounters which other administrators/physicians see it.

I’ve attached screenshot of the user account & encounters screen. Any idea what is going on? If I change users to a physician, it seems to show up.

hi @cyril, are you patched to 6.0.0(2)?

Seemed like it was disabled in 6.0 for the clinician. if you change the ACL access, you will get that category list.

think it’s a code level change that affected acls instead, pretty sure acls were not touched

Yes, sorry I forgot to mention it.

hi @cyril, is the only issue that clinicians don’t see the options/selections from the Visit Category dropdown in the New Encounter form?

So @stephenwaite, the fix @Hari_Khanal mentioned was right. The ACL for clinicians weren’t there for some reason. I included it back and now they can see all the visit categories. Do you know if this was changed during database upgrade?

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No, thinking that the code was changed which exposed the problem. Will take a look but glad you have a fix and thanks to @Hari_Khanal. Here’s what was added

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