Upgrade 5.0.1 to 5.0.2 Ubuntu Package

I don’t see the package for Ubuntu, but the upgrade instructions suggest it is available.


Hi @naya ,

That package is not ready yet. Two issues have delayed the release of this package:

  1. Very close to releasing a 5.0.2 patch that has a bunch of fixes in it, which has delayed working on the ubuntu and xampp packages.
  2. There are bugs in the ubuntu package with Ubuntu 18.04 that need to be fixed (ie. not a simple package build).

sorry for the delay. recommend installing it via the standard linux package (or even better, via docker).


Thanks @brady.miller ,

You’re going to have to excuse my ignorance, but I have never used Docker for a production system. I am open it but I am concerned about the migration. Do you have a best practice for something like this? Also, would running a Docker container cause performance issues?