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Unsupported Media Type When Publishing Patient Records to FHIR Server

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Hello, I am attempting to publish a patient record from OpenEMR to an external FHIR R4 server. I am running OpenEMR and the FHIR Server locally, in docker containers. When I publish the record I receive a 415 status code from the FHIR Server which indicates that it didn’t work.

Does OpenEMR support publishing patient resources to a FHIR R4 server?


Connector Settings (Administration->Globals->Connectors.
Note that my FHIR Server is using Basic Auth, so I’ve included the credentials in the URL

OpenEMR Version
I am running version in a docker container

I’m using:Firefox 74 or Chrome 80

Operating System
I’m using: OS X (10.15.3/Catalina)

Did you check the logs? Was there anything pertinent in them? Paste them here (surround with three backticks (```) for readability
Here’s the response from the FHIR Server

Transaction Status: 415 Unsupported Media Type
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2020 19:20:18 GMT
Content-Length: 0
Content-Language: en-US
Connection: Close
Replied Resource:

I’m still digging through this a bit, but I have confirmed that my FHIR server is receiving the following request, and returning a 415 status code. - fhiruser [28/Mar/2020:02:02:16 +0000] "PUT /fhir-server/api/v4/Patient/patient-34 HTTP/1.1" 415 -\

Based on the link below, it looks like the “publish feature” uses OpenEMR’s FHIR API to fetch a “Patient FHIR Resource” which is then submitted to the external FHIR API registered in the Connectors preferences.

Unless someone has additional input, I’ll see if I can confirm the following:

  • The OpenEMR API returns a valid R4 Patient Resource
  • The outgoing request has the appropriate FHIR R4 headers and content

Hi @dixonwhitmire glad to have you with us.

Unfortunately I do not know the answer to your question off the top of my head. OpenEMR has limited support for fhir in the current release but it’s something actively being worked on.

There’s currently a google summer of code project aimed at improving fhir support/compatibility.
You might have better luck on this discussion thread:

Also feel free to join the conversation on slack if you haven’t already: