Unnamed Insurance Company showing in our Payment Method Financial Report

Receipts Summary (under Reports, Financial, Payment Method) shows an Insurance Company section titled “Unnamed Insurance Company”. The entries in that section are adjustment amounts however, our system shows no Insurance Company by that name. We’re at a loss to understand or explain how this happening and why?
Can anyone shed some light on this?

OpenEMR Version
I’m using OpenEMR version 6.1.0 (1)

I’m using: FF 106.0.5 (64-bit)

Operating System
I’m using: Ubuntu 18.04.6

Did you check the logs? Yes
Was there anything pertinent in them? No
Please paste them here (surround with three backticks (```) for readability.
You can also turn on User Debugging under Administration->Globals->Logging User Debugging Options=>All

Hello @hitechelp -
Probably would be good to have some screenshots of your report. But the problem has the sound of a missing datum somewhere, being arbitrarily called ‘Unnamed Insurance Company’ by the system when it does not have its real name.

Some ideas to check:

  • Is it possible that you have an insurance company’s identifiers listed in Admin/ Practice/ Practice Settings/ Insurance Companies but it has no name in the blank?
  • Or a set of payments that all have adjustments but in which the insco is not named?
  • If you can trace which entries are being shown, then backtrack to the patient involved, and look in their insurance data, that might be revealing.
  • Maybe open the ‘Checkout’ and ‘Payment’ screens (main menu: Fees/ Checkout or Payment) for the encounters in the “Unnamed Insurance Company” section and see if any insurance payments have been noted without indicating the insco.

Happy hunting and good luck!

Thank you htuck!

Now I have something to work from.