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(sergio samoilovich) #41

I have a customer requesting a feature that will follow patients in different beds of a hospital. It should show available beds in different floors and rooms. I think many people will benefit from this.
How much would you need for this project? And how long would it take?

(Matthew Vita) #42

You can see the budget requirements here: https://opencollective.com/openemr.

We are actively trying to build out a volunteer open source team for this, however.

(Matthew Vita) #43

@brady.miller Would this be a good project for some of the new volunteers? We can make a small feature team and plan out an MVP :slight_smile:

(Matthew Vita) #44

cc: @robert.down and @d3sandoval

(Brady Miller) #45

@MatthewVita ,
This definitely could be a good small/medium project with high impact.

(sergio samoilovich) #46

I saw the page for monetary contributions for the general project. But what would be the amount needed for this project?

(sergio samoilovich) #47

I saw the patient flow board and I think it can be used to track inpatients in rooms and beds. The only issue is the 15 minutes default period in a bed, as defined in the Calendar. If this period could be changed to Indefinite we could solve part of the problem.
Anyone is interested?

(Daniel Sandoval) #48

In my mockups, I completely removed the requirement of a “default period” so that the flow board shows all patients that have not been explicitly discharged.

Would this address the issue @sergiors?

(sergio samoilovich) #49

Hello Daniel

Apparently the rooms in the Calendar/Patient Flow system can be occupied by more than one patient at a time. This is an issue, because beds need to be free to receive a patient.

Probably a separate Patient Flow Board will be needed for inpatients.

Let me know how your project is going on.



At this point, I think that the room-bed data would best fit into the demographics screens.

(Matthew Vita) #50

Great thoughts.

As far financial sponsorship, I would like to ideally partner with a consulting firm that will:

a) Really dedicate themselves to learning OpenEMR
b) Produce high quality code and UI
c) Be reasonable in cost

These will greatly help speed up some of the tasks that we, the volunteer community, can’t get to in a timely way. Most of us have full-time jobs :).

Whatever you can contribute to making this happen is appreciated. Even 1 programmer at 20 hours per week at a reasonable rate will go a long way! Feel free to email matthewvita48 at gmail dot com if you want exact estimates!


Matthew Vita
OpenEMR Project Administrator

(Ricardo Santos) #51

Hi Daniel, Sergio and Matthew

I want to help with this problem Can I start using Daniel mockups to save time?

I have been working in the technology industry for 10 years and I have study hard to be a Ux Designer.

Thank you and best regards from Brazil.

Ricardo :brazil:

(Daniel Sandoval) #52

Hi Ricardo! If you use Sketch, you can use my .sketch file as a starter: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zNZvKNRfz3raacya-mc1evz2m7uiKIU1
It mostly consists of cut up screenshots :slight_smile: but it should help!

(Ricardo Santos) #53

Great, thanks for the feedback.

Ricardo :brazil:

(Advocatus) #54

Hello Guys,
What is the status of the inpatient development?

(sergio samoilovich) #55

I created an Inpatient system and it is ready for testing. I tried to include several features that were described in this thread. Contact me for details.

(Elijah Wisdom) #56

I would like to test.Can you send me the detailsto my mail? eshietweb@gmail.com