Uniform Data Systems (UDS) reporting

Hello, everyone.
I am wondering, has anyone ever developed a UDS reports module for OpenEMR?


Hi @Kanoberson ,

Don’t know of any that are entirely specific to UDS, but can wait to see if anybody else weigh’s in. On a search to figure out what UDS is, I found this interesting site:

After looking at the manuals on that site for UDS, there are definitely reports that can report this data (or be modified to report this data) in Reports menu. This UDS stuff is actually a cool thing to bring up since it is related to HRSA of which openEMR had several recent press releases/articles regarding a recent grant opportunity for HRSA health centers:


Any update on this subject?
Our recent conference in Honolulu, Hawaii, I found that several health centers are looking for EHR solutions. I think this would be a great opportunity for OpenEMR to seek funding to create UDS reporting module. The reporting is standard for all Community Health Centers which is done every year. I think an EHR solution that will produce the reqired UDS report in a few clicks would certainly gain the attention of other CHC’s.


Kanoberson Asher

Hello Brady:

Any updates on this UDS Report topic? I am in the same boat as Kanoberson and will be looking at the developer lectures later to gain a deeper understanding of how OpenEMR works. If we have some guidance, I think it wouldn’t be too difficult to setup a filter to capture the UDS Report data and using HL7 FHIR, it could probably go straight from OpenEMR to HRSA UDS reporting website portal.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts on this. Thanks