Undefined array key "billing_facility_id" when editing and saving user details

warning message when saving user details

OpenEMR Version version 7.0

Browser: Chrome / Firefox / Edge

Operating System Windows 11

I have searched the forum for similar questions?

[Sat Feb 03 14:12:21.243039 2024] [php:warn] [pid 22436:tid 1200] [client ::1:58208] PHP Warning: Undefined array key “billing_facility_id” in C:\xampp\htdocs\openemr\interface\usergroup\usergroup_admin.php on line 166, referer: https://localhost/openemr/interface/usergroup/user_admin.php?id=8&csrf_token_form=7c0c9fc04a1bdcd8262a4e896f5d7e807f3f35e8

What I do notice that despite the error the changes are saved. If I do remove the section between line 166 - 171 from the “user_admin.php” file I can avoid the error. It does not seem to help merely excluding [;] this section.
I am currently not using openEMR as a billing facility and have also tried selecting “Hide Billing Features” under Admin Config. This also does nt change the error.

Please advise on reason for this error and best way to avoid it ideally without editing the php file?

After a few similar errors I suspect part of the problem relates to the default error report settings on php.ini file?. Should there be any other concerns on my setup?

Its warning it not error, if you still get this on your UI please change the php.inin display_error =Off

appreciated - as I surmised