Unable to set up Azure Database for MySQL for OpenEmr

Hi. I have a Azure Database for MySQL flexible server running it the cloud. I’ve been playing around with OpenEmr locally and setting a local MySQL -database wasn’t a problem. Now I’d like to replace the local database with Azure database, OpenEmr will still be running locally at this point. I’ve set up a user openemr with a password for my database and I can connect into it using for example MySQL Workbench. I can also spin up the OpenEmr locally and go to the setup page. From there I choose the option “I already have set up the database”. But when I give the information of my database and click “Create Db and User”, I always get this error: Connecting to MySQL Server... ERROR. Check your login credentials. unable to connect to database as user: 'openemr' . I’ve attached the setup and the error pictures to this post. Would be nice to get some tips how to proceed with this if someone has had same kind of problems.