Unable to save new user vs 5.0.1

(LAWAL N.S) #1

Successfully installed Xammp package vs 5.0.1 on windows 10. Everything seems working good but in adding new user from admin, the save button does nothing. Cancel obviously cancels the action. I entered the new user credentials and my admin password(your password field) and user password(password field) and chose all other relevant options. Does not even give any error message.

(Dan Ehrlich) #2

Did you also make sure to add a first name and a last name? I believe that is required.

Also if you are in Chrome, try pressing Ctrl+Shift+i which will open up the dev tools. Then go to “console” and see if the page is generating any error messages.

(LAWAL N.S) #3

I added all the relevant info. Just that the save page does not respond. I will check the error log and see.

(LAWAL N.S) #4

Found the issue. Openemr 5 not totally compatible with internet explorer. Works well with chrome. Thanks.