Unable to Login

(D K Dipak) #1

I have changed password, and this is the error I am getting, can anyone help

Query Error

ERROR: insert failed: INSERT INTO log_comment_encrypt (log_id, encrypt, checksum, version) VALUES ( ‘2384824’,‘No’,’’, ‘1’)

Error: Unknown column ‘version’ in ‘field list’

/var/www/vhosts/oemr/library/log.inc at 55:sqlInsertClean_audit
/var/www/vhosts/oemr/library/authentication/login_operations.php at 113:newEvent(login,admin,Default,1,success:
/var/www/vhosts/oemr/library/auth.inc at 47:validate_user_password(admin,Default)
/var/www/vhosts/oemr/interface/globals.php at 567:include_once(/var/www/vhosts/oemr/library/auth.inc)
/var/www/vhosts/oemr/interface/main/main_screen.php at 25:require_once(/var/www/vhosts/oemr/interface/globals.php)

(Sherwin Gaddis) #2

What happened before you where unable to log in? Have you ever logged in?

(Daniel) #3

It seems like you may have tried to complete an upgrade and it didn’t finish. May re-try the upgrade and run the patch.