Unable to log into the patient portal (Chrome or Safari on Mac OS 10.14)


(Ralf Lukner MD PhD) #1

Attempting to log into the patient portal with a newly created user name and password doesn’t work … I get an upper right view “black box” message that says … Ooops, Something went wrong. On Chrome I tried “registering” but it did not allow me to register (Oooops, Something …). On Safari, it let me attempt to register but then said that I was already registered.

OpenEMR Version
I’m using OpenEMR version 5.0.1 (5) Standard Hosted AWS

I’m using: Chrome Version 70.0.3538.110 (Official Build) (64-bit) or Safari 12.0.1 (14606.

Operating System
I’m using: Mac OS 10.14

Did you check the logs? Where/how do I check them?