Unable to Dispense Drug

Hello to y’all
Here’s m’y issue
As you can see
I have product in my inventory and i add some of them to a patient prescription. M’y problem IS that i Can not complete selling process and if it’s done quantity of products choosen decrease in the inventory.
Need your help thanks

Hello @Yannick_Bwaty - welcome to the forum and the OpenEMR community!

It appears that you are using one of the older interfaces OpenEMR has for documenting an encounter, as described in the OpenEMR wiki at Charges Panel - OpenEMR Project Wiki

While it should of course still work, I have not seen many people use that too and am not familiar with it. So I searched this forum and found some posts on the charges panel which may be helpful. Here’s the URL to the search which returns 48 results.

Or, to make the search yourself at another time you may use the forum search tool like this:

Since the Charges Panel uses the Prescription Module I suspect that medications entered into the Charges Panel would need to be configured in the same way as the Prescriptions.

Here are 2 documents telling the full process of entering prescriptions. The first is the basic configuration process:

The 2nd one has details on building prescription templates in the section, ‘Templates’. Prescription templates are required for the Prescription Module to work properly, even though their details were left out of the 1st tutorial.

Another option for prescribing in the native Prescriptions module is this tutorial on how to use the prescription module separate from the Charges Panel.

I apologize if I have told you a lot of what you already know. If you want to clarify what other issues you have feel free to come back to the forum and ask any questions that you may have.

Best wishes- Harley