Unable to add new patient


(Jerry P) #21

Okay David, Sorry we couldn’t get it but you can take comfort that I have made it my mission to do some development on this issue to prevent in future. There are certain no no’s in editing the core LBF form that user’s simply can’t know about so we’re on it.

(David D. Speck MD) #22

Thanks, Jerry,

I had to roll back to 12/28/18, but I can add patients again.

I have encapsulated the non-working version, and can re-enable it in about 10 seconds if you would like to work with it some time via Teamviewer.

Thanks again,


(Jerry P) #23

Okay David maybe this weekend and meantime I will refresh myself on the LBF code and if we can figure out what went wrong in your case, I can prevent in future. Thanks for the help.

(David D. Speck MD) #24

I will be pretty free this coming weekend, and my schedule will be flexible. Let me know a good time to work on it, and we’ll see what we can do.