Ub04 Form not Printing


(syedyawar) #1

Hi everyone. I am having problem with ub04 form. i am trying to change data in form and i had collected different data from encounter and its layouts to appear in the form. So its working fine but whenever i try to print it. It don’t print and nothing happens. and when i remove some of data so it works fine. The problem is I think it have more data so when i remove some data it works. So Whats the solution of it. I am using openemr 5.0.2 on ubuntu server 18.04. Thanks

(Jerry P) #2

Two things: First; I believe the current version of the wkhtmltopdf binaries is not compatible with this version linux. Grab a current binary from their site and Two, turn on Globals->Logging User Debug then log out/in and recreate issue to see errors on display.

(syedyawar) #3

Thanks for your replay but it works when there is less data and don’t work when all fields are filled.

(Jerry P) #4

Asked for any errors from logs etc.

(syedyawar) #5

No errors display. I tried it nothing displays