Tutorial for LAMP stack or other tutorials for non developers

(Paul R) #1

Hello all:

Novice here e.g. I once set up my own website on a digitalocean droplet using nginx as webserver but mostly by googling and copy pasting.

Can anyone recommend some basic tutorials for configuring a LAMP or LEMP stack and/or anything that might be helpful for a beginner DIY user who is not a developer? Apache is recommended over nginx right?

I learned the hard way that without an understanding of the software I’m configuring and using I will have major problems when an issue comes up. Thanks!

(MD Support) #2

Non developers should really start with either docker or virtual appliance.
If they do want to learn about details, the documentation includes steps for manual install on Ubuntu.

(Daniel) #3

Digital Ocean was very helpful for me at first. I also use the forums such as StackOverflow and Ubuntu forums. Many times people who respond to questions provide good links. For the ones that are super helpful I bookmark and store into folders. As an example here is a screenshot of what I have going on.