Transmitting Billing to a Clearinghouse

Hi billing guru,
My current task is to send the current x12/837p file to the clearinghouse. I have followed the code into the billing_process.php file following the bn_x12. Is L419 where the file gets formatted and dropped to the user?

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I have did the billing automation into the OpenEMR, while generating x12/837 file it will send to clearinghouse using there FPT credential of clearinghouse. It is one click process to send the file to clearinghouse house

Hi @Nilesh_Hake,
can you post a repo for that? Which clearinghouse are you using? We are using office ally. I was going to make the feature generic so that in the globals the user could enter any clearinghouse credentials.

Thanks in advance.

I have designed it for the office ally only and also I did not make it generic i will share my code to you or I will push the code repository.


You can send me the code direct to sherwingaddis at gmail dot com or post a PM here. Thanks!

This is what I came up with


It seems like I and other developers in the community are always working on the same issue. In this case, anyone reading this thread should know since version 6x there is a built-in feature to send claims to the clearinghouse automatically. Go to the billing section in globals and turn it on. It was introduced by @ken.

The process that ken built, has a lot more features than what I shared here.