Transferring data via backups between Two Open EMR instances

So we have two instances of OpenEMR in AWS created via the README for express: openemr-devops/ at master · openemr/openemr-devops · GitHub.

We are trying to transfer the data from one instance (where we have quite a bit of dummy data) to a fresh instance of Open EMR Express in AWS. After following the steps outlined in this blog post
Open EMR Backup and Restore Docker Procedure | which essentially details the following:

  1. Create Backup button in the Administration > System > Backup
  2. Apply the two zipped up files to the database and main containers.
  3. Restart the docker containers

After following the steps mentioned above, the login in page is blank – see the image below.

Any one know why this is happening? Both ec2 instances are running the same openemr version 7.0.0. Thanks in advance!