Transfer from Medisoft Clinical to OEMR for eRx?

Hello all. Hope you are well.

I have been using Medisoft for many of my clients for many years, but unfortunately the issues I am having with the products are becoming next to unbearable. Recently ran into an issue with an old client that I don’t often hear back from that needed electronic prescriptions. No problem, I thought, let me get them hooked up with some software from the Medisoft company.

Three months later, it looks like I’m abandoned, and so are some of my clients. Working out some inner politics with getting the orders done. Story is too long and not related enough to post. I need to get my client on to something that isn’t Medisoft Clinical / Practice Partner and quickly, or at least as quick as can be done.

I have been monitoring OpenEMR’s development for some time now but have been too busy maintaining Medisoft to seriously consider a change, but this client of mine may need a change soon. Would any of you know how the process would work for transferring patient data from a system that has never done electronic prescriptions to OpenEMR and getting electronic prescriptions working? No matter how long this migration may take, I’m almost certain it would be less painful and quicker than trying to get prescription services and software for the current setup.

TL;DR: Need to transfer from Medisoft Clinical / Practice Partner to OpenEMR, no current electronic prescription services, would like to migrate at least a portion over to get eRx to work.

Hope you all are doing well.

hi @Kino, migration projects while sometimes tedious and time consuming can be very rewarding/fulfilling. There’s been a few posts this year in the form outlining different avenues like this one. Good luck and we’ll be glad to help you on your way.

Hi @ Kino.

It is possible to migrate but not without some work under the hood. We are successfully using OpenEMR for eRx through WENO out of Texas , it integrates with OpenEMR quite well. The demographics was quite easy to do after exporting it into a csv file. We migrated 34K plus records. We also added the capability of faxing .pdf files direct from the main server via Hylafax directly to a local Modem. No need for third party fax services. We only have one Windows machine which will substituted with another Linux box that will run Windows in a virtual machine.