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Today's date field

Regarding the list of fields available for the on-site-portal templates:

How can I come up with say, today’s date for when I capture patient’s signature on consents?
Also, are there pre-made templates? If so, where are these?


Is there any kind of visual application that reaches the database tables to be able to do such modifications and more importantly to add forms or to modify forms? I worked before in Filemaker and it is a totally different beast here, there I can go to the database , fields , calculations , scripts…so on, here I am lost and stuck with the limitations of my knowledge of the engine that runs this database , if there is a visual application that we can install that reaches the tables and fields then I can have a faster learning curve to deal with the forms or create ones or modify them.

Actually it turns out the date I want is the date which is available

@Mohammad, use this Google search and Wiki.

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